Kickstarter Jazz | July 7, 2012

Add this to the insidious lure of on-line shopping:

Kickstarter projects

I’m hooked, I admit it.  After all, who wouldn’t want to be mentioned in the producers credits on a film or CD?

Actually, I’m finding it a very satisfying way to support the music and the documentation of its history.   More satisfying than pledges to charities, for example, where often you don’t really see the results of your donation (non-profits like public broadcasting excepted, of course).

A Kickstarter project treats contributors like valued members of an arts-supporting community—and you get posters, t-shirts, a DVD, CD, movie or music download of the finished product with your name in the credits.  How cool is that?

Click on the links below to see videos of some projects that I’ve supported and some that just caught my eye.

These have all been fully funded on

Mingus on Mingus

Dr. Lonnie Smith

The Last Mambo

The Sound of Redemption:  The Frank Morgan Project


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