Jazz Birthdays: Clare and Jane | October 22, 2012

Clare Fischer  1928-2012

Born in Durand, Michigan, schooled in Grand Rapids and Lansing, with a master’s degree in composition from Michigan State, he was pianist/conductor for the vocal group the Hi-Los for five years.  During this time, he  also became known for his arrangements.  Well versed in jazz, classical, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music, his compositions Pensativa and Morning are enduring standards.

“I relate to everything.  I’m not just jazz, Latin, or classical. I really am a fusion of all of those, not today’s fusion, but my fusion.”– Clare Fischer

Jane Bunnett   1956

Toronto-based soprano saxophonist, flutist and bandleader,  Jane Bunnett has built her career at the crossroads between Cuban music and jazz.   Her first trip to Cuba in 1982 inspired her to learn more about the music and incorporate it into her performances and writing.  She and her husband Larry Cramer also lead missions to Cuba, specifically to repair musical instruments for the conservatories, and bring new instruments to the students when possible.

“Over the years I developed relationships with some of Cuba’s legendary musicians.  I’ve had a great opportunity to learn the music in the streets and in the homes of these celebrated talents… and that’s what has fueled my vision.” –Jane Bunnett


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