Latin Jazz Birthdays: Pucho and Santos | November 1, 2012

John Santos  1955

One of the foremost exponents of Afro-Latin music in the world today. Born in San Francisco, California, November 1, 1955, he was raised in the Puerto Rican and Cape Verdean traditions of his family, surrounded by music.  More about John Santos on Jazz Caliente

“Jazz has strong Caribbean roots, Latin music is a big part of pop culture in the US, the word ‘America’ is much broader than we are led to believe, and the spiritual and historical foundations of Afro-Latin music are its most important attributes.”  — John Santos sums up one of his lectures

Henry Pucho Brown 1938

Father of Latin Boogaloo, perpetrator of some of the hottest Latin soul jazz on the planet, Pucho has gone underappreciated for too long.  He’s been at it for about 50 years now.  Influenced by the jazz shows at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre, turned on to Latin music by schoolmates, his first band, Pucho and the Cha Cha Boys melded jazz, mambo and R&B, and included young talents like Chick Corea and Hubert Laws.

“Ain’t too many cats can get into that funk like we can get into the funk. Latin groups and jazz groups, they can do jazz, and they can do the Latin, but they can’t do the funk like I can do it.”


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