Blues Birthdays: Slim and Katie | January 11, 2013


Slim Harpo  1924-1970

He was born James Moore just outside of Baton Rouge Louisiana, and he played both guitar and neck-rack harmonica.  With his wife Lovelle, he wrote some of the most successful blues songs ever.  Harpo’s songs have become dependable vehicles for countless Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Cajun, and Country bands.

Katie Webster  1936-1999

Born in Houston Texas, Katie moved to South Louisiana and by the time she was 15 she was one of the most-requested studio musicians in the region, recording  on over 500 singles in the 1950s and 1960s.  She joined Otis Redding’s touring band in 1965, but didn’t get national recognition until she signed with Alligator Records in 1988.  Katie was known as the Swamp Boogie Queen.

“I’m still able to say that my soul is in every song I sing, and every note I play.”  –Katie Webster


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