NOLA Birthday: Allen Toussaint | January 14, 2013


Allen Toussaint tells stories…
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Allen Toussaint  1938

Composer, producer, pianist, and singer Allen Toussaint is a living legend.  He helped shape the sound of R&B, soul, and funk using the charm, humor and rhythms of his New Orleans home.  Content for most of his life to stay in that home, creating and producing, he was compelled to start touring after the hurricane (“that famous booking agent, Katrina”) shut him out of New Orleans and sent him to live in New York for a while.  Getting re-acquainted with live performances and seeing some of  the rest of the world has been an inspiration for him, and has also brought him some long-overdue recognition.

“My music is homegrown from the garden of New Orleans. Music is everything to me short of breathing. Music also has a role to lift you up – not to be escapist but to take you out of misery.”


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