Worthy Projects and Musicians Aid | January 18, 2013


Julian Priester

Restoring Your Faith Department:  A very successful effort on the fundraising site will help living legend Julian Priester get on his feet prior to (and hopefully after) a kidney transplant.  Saxophonist and all-round good guy Anton Schwartz led the campaign, and the response was amazing.  More info at


New Orleans’ Africa Brass

New Orleans loves Kickstarter:  The New Orleans based Africa Brass Ensemble are dedicated to presenting cultural and jazz instructional classes for youth at Preservation Hall as a way of preserving traditional New Orleans jazz and its African roots.  Their Kickstarter project details are here:  Africa Brass Master Class.


The Gravy by Elsa Hahne

Mo’ Gravy, Please:  Elsa Hahn collects the crème de la crème from her popular, long-running OffBeat magazine series The Gravy: In The Kitchen With… featuring interviews and recipes from Louisiana musicians.  This is truly a labor of love, and she’s looking to offset the printing costs of this book that’s sure to be a hit AND a hoot.  I mean, Dr. John’s quote on the cover alone is worth a donation.  Squirrel brains?  Mac, please…   Details here:  The Gravy


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