Jazz April Birthday #3: Jimmy McGriff 1936-2008 | April 3, 2013

Jimmy McGriff credit:

Jimmy McGriff

One of the most popular jazz and blues organists, Jimmy McGriff was born in Philadelphia, a city which was known for its many great Hammond B-3 players:   Jimmy Smith, Trudy Pitts and Charles Earland, for example.

McGriff was solidly based in the blues and gospel, and often described himself as a blues player as opposed to a jazz player.  He played jazz as dance music.

“Jimmy Smith is the jazz king on the organ, but when it comes to blues, I can do things where he can’t touch me.”  –Jimmy McGriff

Some of the most soulful jazz you’ll ever hear can be found on McGriff’s recordings with saxophonist Hank Crawford.


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